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  Dear Mr Li,

  I’m very excited to write to express my thanks to you。 I am now a freshman of Wuhan University, which I have been dreaming about。 Mr Li, I still remember the days when you taught me English。 My English has been improved greatly because of your creative work。 However, at one time, the pressure of examinations, too much homework and the high expectations made me depressed。 I was tired of the warning that if I didn’t do my best, I wouldn’t have the chance to go to college。 Thanks for your encouragement; if not, I wouldn’t have realized my dream。 And now I really understand you。 I wish more and more of your students could go to their ideal colleges。 Are you still so busy? How I miss you!

  Hoping to hear from you soon。


  Li Hua


  Dear Prof。 Herthwell,

     Many thanks for your kind hospitality and the honor you showed me during our delegation’s recent visit to your university。 It was nice of you to introduce me to so many of your famous professors and celebrated scholars at your university。 We had a safe and sound trip home。 Now we have resumed our work。

     Meanwhile, I hope you will someday pay a short visit to our university and give us some lectures on “Modern Western Economics”。

     Please have no hesitation in writing to me if you want me to do something for you in China。

     With best wishes。

                                                              Sincerely yours,

                                                              Li Dong


  Dear ms。 grasso:

      thank you for interviewing me at credit technologies。 i was impressed  with the pany and the type of banking services the corporation provides。

      your ments gave me a good understanding of the business and your  expectations for the attorney you are seeking。 i am confident that my  background and experience in banking law and my ability to analyze statutes and regulations in detail could be useful to credit technologies。

      if you were to offer me this position, i believe that i could provide  services that would meet the high standards of your corporation。

      i look forward to talking again with you soon。

      very truly yours,

      richard t。 hamilton


  Dear Ling Fen,

  I would like to thank you at the end of our middle school education。 You have been very kind and helpful since we knew each other。

  You have given me so much help that I will never forget。 Last term, I caught a bad cold and had to stay at home for a week。 When I was worrying about the lessons, you came to my home after school and helped me with every subject。 With your help, I didn?t fall behind others。 Since then, we have bee very close friends。 I think I?ll try to help others just like you。

  Thank you again。 Even though we may go to different schools, I?ll always stay in touch with you。 I wish you success for the future。


  Liu Yan


  Thank You For Interview

  Dear (Bosss Name),

  Thank you so much for seeing me yesterday。 The interview confirmed what others have told me - that (Company Name) would be a terrific place for someone with my skills and interests。

  I am convinced that I could make an impact and add value as a (job title) in your department。 As we reviewed my background, I hope that you came to a similar conclusion。 It was indeed a pleasure to discuss the opportunities with you。 I thank you again for the opportunity and look forward to our next interaction。

  Again, you can reach me (when) (Call time) at (telephone), or you may leave a message on my answering machine, and I will return your call promptly。





  Respect leadership and colleagues:You are good!

  I due to personal reasons, quit OA development engineer position, leaving our xx group。

  Thanks to the xx Group I bring opportunities and challenges!

  Thanks to all the leaders of my concern and trust!

  Thanks to all my colleagues on the work support and help!

  To xx this huge enterprise, I think I was lucky, here to learn a lot, feeling a lot, and last year right out of high school, has matured a lot 。。。 。。。

  In xx year, for me is the most important thing in my life experience。 Here I have experienced the defeat, also achieved success, there have been depressed, there have been happy。 Failure is the imprint is engraved on my hear#from 本文来自高考资源网gkstk。 end#t。, it will bee an alarm, a cornerstone to goad me unceasingly enterprising; achievement is another person happy, they will bees a new target, show me the way。

  As a technician, I yearned to see their increasingly adept, also understand xx such environment will certainly be able to provide experience their own opportunities, just as we can not pletely predict natural disasters, some objective contradiction I don't know how to solve, how to avoid, a single selected topic, one of two, will be homes。

  There is no all feast, Kuwata sea, between transform is natural, for colleagues only bleand expectation, blemy colleagues all the best, and we look forward to xx everything is going smoothly!

  A letter of resignation letter of thanks













  dear mr。 xx,


  thank you very much for the interview yesterday。 i learned a great deal about your pany, its major projects, and its ambitious plans for future development in shenzhen。


  i believe i am fully qualified for the work you described。 my exxperience with xx corporation is directly related to the work you are offering。 also, my academic background and the training i received as an administrative assistant provide a strong base for further development。


  thanks again for the interview。 i look forward to hearing from you soon。


  sincerely yours,


  Thank You For Interview

  Dear (Bosss Name),

  I appreciated the opportunity to meet with you yesterday about the position of (job title) with (Company Name)。

  I really enjoyed meeting with members of the office and learning about the job。 The entire team certainly seem to be highly skilled and motivated and the work itself seems as rewarding as it is challenging。 From our discussion,I gained a strong sense of (Company Name)s mitment to their clients and their employees。 I also enjoyed our discussion of my opportunities and future within the firm。

  I feel strongly that I possess the qualities required as a (job title)。 I believe my education and experiences have prepared me well for a future with you。 I eagerly anticipate our next meeting。 Thank you for considering me for this opportunity。





  Dear Susan,

  I’m glad to be your student, and I am very happy to learn the course I like best under your help。

  English is an important tool, through which we can share it with the world。 I treasure the chance of learning English, and I enjoy the happiness from this course。

  This Thursday is Thanksgiving Day。 On this special day, I want to express my deepest thanks to you!





  My dearest Mother,

  The mother‘s day is ing and I would like to say "Happy mother‘s day" in this letter。 I love you and thank you so much for everything you did for me。 This day, I will stay away and can‘t give you my appreciation at home。 I know I will watch myself, so don‘t worry about me。 I am doing very well on my study。 My schoolmates and teachers are all very nice。 Though I can‘t be at home, I hope you have a wonderful mother‘s day。


  Your son

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